About us


To be the most prefered and reference professional loss control and management training and examinations board.


Provision of industry research based student training and member professional development focussing on organisation loss management solutions.


ICLM commits itself to:

1. Promoting loss management research, training, education and professional development within industry and commerce.

2. Promote, implement, monitor and enforce ethical conduct of members of the loss management profession.

3. Encourage and actively promote the advancement of professionalism in the loss control and management industry.

4. Encourage private and public organisations to employ professional loss control managers in their pursuit for business efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Improve and enhance the credibility, reputation and ethos of its graduates by upholding high standards of professionalism.

6. Work with business, industry, commerce, government departments, other public entities, academic and professional training institutions and professional boards in promoting its objectives.

7. Promote the adoption of clear career structures for the loss management function in industry and commerce through recognition of and reward for appropriate professional loss control and management qualifications.

8. Conduct formal study programmes, short courses, workshops and conferences aimed at professionally developing member skills.

9. Recoomend for awarding of professional qualification, membership and practicing certificates to those who fulfil the relevant requirements of relevant loss control and management professional boards.

10. Conduct research and development in loss control and management.

11. Conduct any other business in support of its mission.

ICLM is dedicated to the development of best practices and standards in all spheres of Loss control and Management. It endeavours to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with and upholding national laws, professional regulations, by-laws and code of conduct by itself and its membership so to protect its valued professional integrity.