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ICLM offers on site and off site staff training and development programmes and acts as a referal point for professional services offered by members of ICLMZ through maintenance of a membership data base. Main areas of training and service provision include security and loss control, occupational safety and health and risk managementsystems design and all loss related activities. Consultancy services offered by professional members range from incident and accident investigations, security surveys, research to systems design, implementation and audit.


  • Carefully selected balanced combination of knowledge of the African conditions, knowledge research based and innovation driven operations, professional experience of our own and the world environment and attention to developments in technologyare are the key assets that influence ICLMs’ capability to effectively approach and positively capture perceptions of key stakeholders and special interest groups which are essential in delivering an effective curriculum.
  • Adherence to strict ethical standards, teamwork, integrity and transparency, ability to operate open systems, innovation and professional approach to work assignments enable members of ICLMZ to deliver above optimal satisfaction for the compelling needs of clients.