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Certificate in Security Management

The ILCM is there to promote individual competence, efficiency and effectiveness and to support the maintenance and enhancement if these attributes by loss mangers and aspiring professionals. The institute brings together a pool of professionals who have, as their common calling, the management of enterprise efficiency and effectiveness through application of loss prevention systems and professional best practices. To this end, ICLM supervises training, administers examinations in loss management and awards certificates of qualification to students who successfully complete the programme. View Full Program



Code Of Conduct

This code has been developed for members of the Institute of Chartered Loss Management of Zimbabwe. It is intended to regulate the professional conduct of, foster discipline and work ethics for members of the institute and providing a mechanism through which the institute can monitor performance of members and forming the basis for continuous professional development and curriculum and syllabus improvement. The prospectus and regulations associated with this code are meant to be a mechanism for life long in-house administration of training and development and through which the institute can have feedback of the quality of its products and ensure continuous quality improvement.


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The ICLM professional loss management qualification, with its Certified Loss Manager and Professional Manager qualification structure, meets international professional qualification standards sought after by employers.



The ICLM curriculum of study covers key aspects of industry appropriate loss management training aspects. the 31 module course structure include coverage of loss management, security and risk, safety and health knowledge and appreciation of legal, psycho-social and financial concepts. It offeres options for student to specialise in one of the following: Security and Risk Management, Electronic and Cyber Security Systems, Security and Investigations and Occupational Safety and Health Management. Options are also available at professional stage to undertake research in sectors of student's interest including Mining, Banking, Health, Construction, Agricultural, College and Transport security. Completion of the programme leads to award of Certified Loss Manager (CLM) qualification upon completion of theretical component of the course and Certified Professional Loss Manager (CpLM) upon completion of the pratical component professional stage. The programme content is in line with approved SADC qualification framework and is acceptable internationally. View Full Program