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The Institute of Certified Loss Management (ICLM) has now officially phased out the ZIM Advanced DIploma in Security Management. This follows the termination of the memorandum of agreement uner which the programme has been ruuning. ICLM decided not to align the programme to SADC and international standards and, instead it has introduced the new ICLM Advanced Diploma in Loss Management Programme which is accredited and becnhmarked to SADC and International standards. The Institute of Certified Loss Management (ICLM) will now concentrate on its new mandate of curriculum research and development as an examinantion board. The function of professional standards development and regulation will now be assigned to the newly crearted Institute of Chartered Loss Management in Zimbabwe (ICLMZ). ICLMZ will be officially launched at the third ICLM annual convention at RainBow Towers Hotel in November 2017. The ICLMZ will have inaguration of its constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethics and Regulations. All formalities for the registration of the Institute as a professional baord have been fulfilled.