Growth in electronic security industry

The security industry continues to be dominated by application of lectronuc securitysystems. This is more evident in the application of CCTV, Alarms, Access Control and Biomentric systems. IFSEC GLobal provides leading edge in the provision of security technology. Members stand to gain a lot by following IFSEC publication' .



This year's convention will focuses discussion on;

Technology and Trends in Private Security Management

Bench Marking Private Security Qualification Framework and training for the Private Security Sector


Includes Foreign Subject Experts


For the First time this year's event may witness the participation of foreign exhibitors and among the invited ones are companies such as AXIS Corporation with their cutting edge Surveillance Equipment and Dahoe Ltd with their Electroninc seucirty systems


Loss management is a profession founded on needs based philosophy and offers an alternative approach
to organisation efficiency and effectiveness management.The loss management philosophy has been held and
practiced by individuals, communities and nations.It is regrettable that despite recognition of the key role it plays in ensuring social and business safety and security loss management has taken long to transform itself into a profession. The practice of loss management exist the world over and is one of the biggest employing sectors. The fundamental
mission of ICLM is to promote loss management as a profession by facilitating the building of its institutional capacity and observance of the necessary legal and ethical requirements of a profession. This includes putting in place
professional constitutional framework, code of conduct,member registration, training, continuous professional development and advocacy programmes.


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ICLMZ is an equal opportunity voluntary membership professional board. Admission to membership is non discrinative and based on predetermined qualification criteria set out in the constitution. Admission is open to all prospective members who meet the criteria and subject also to applicable laws in host countries. (Download the Constitution)